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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Reading Challenge Day 4: Brother Odd of The Odd Thomas Series

Day 4 of the 30 Day Reading Challenge is supposed to be about the "favorite book of your favorite series" and my favorite from The Odd Thomas series is the first entry. However, I plan to reserve that book for my Day 30 (which is still way too far!). So I chose my second favorite book, the third entry in the series, Brother Odd.

Brother Odd
Brother Odd follows Odd Thomas trying to take a break from his hectic life as a mediator of the dead by withdrawing into a convent (and orphanage) at the top of the mountains. He, as he puts it, does not run away from it but simply tries to simplify his complicated life for a while. Everything seems at peace, not until a dead loved one communicate to his through a traumatized orphan. Then everything spirals into darkness and Odd must face an evil as old as time itself.

The premise give much promise after a shaky (and very disturbing and dark) second novel. Here, author Dean Koontz writes with simplicity and lightness, and along with Odd's signature wry humor, that despite the dangers present, one feels hope through the pages. Religion is also a topic here, God's existence in particular. While some writers may dread the idea of tackling the subject, Koontz breezes his way through it.

The sequel also introduces a lot of new colorful and sharply written characters. The monks and the sisters are witty and relatable. Though the villain in this volume can be guessed easily, the danger he presents is very imminent and gives you chills all throughout.

Yes, to be able to appreciate this book, you need to read the first two entries. But I can promise you this, it'll be very very worth it.

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